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Yeah Soulmate, brand new song, here it is,
They call us…Double J and Micky,
Hey J, why don’t you start first,
Lets go…

I’ve been waiting for so long
Nee HONTO ni sore de ii no?
Broken promises amai kotoba ni
sasowarete yeah

Ki ni shinai my periphery, ’cause jamamono bakari
Uwasa ni kiku melody’s atama n naka ni
Tousai SUKEERU wa soudai
Oishiku ate too many MC’s, I got kounaien
the fly juumin itsumo troopin’
the 23 (nijuusan)kku with love oto no shuujin
so throw up your hands joudan nukina tech
urbanite nagare soulmate dialect

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About crazyrabbit6002

I'm from Myanmar but now I'm in Singapore. I love Micky.
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